As I write this in 2021, it's been 10+ years of writing reviews, photographing products, and making tutorial videos about skincare & makeup! Over the course of this decade, the Corallista community has grown tremendously, bringing together a million-plus (and counting!) like-minded Indian across the globe! I have worked with the most wonderful brands over these years, both global & Indian, to co-create products, teach masterclasses and create content online.

In this space, you can find beauty reviews, curvy fashion and tons of toolsto learn makeup via courses, workshops and private classes. There is something for everyone,

no matter what stage of your beauty journey you are!

I want to help YOU feel your best,

most confident and powerful self ❤️ 


 An engineer turned beauty blogger & coach 

I strongly believe that beauty is empowering. Makeup has been my best friend for the last 10 years, bringing me comfort, joy and confidence when I I struggled with body image issues, depression and a divorce. I am now happily remarried, settled in Manchester, UK with my husband and our two dogs, and continuing to share my knowledge of beauty as a fun and empowering tool with women worldwide!

Hello, my name is Ankita, welcome to my slice of the Internet! 

As an engineering student in IIT-B, India, I never imagined I would be working in the beauty industry. I chanced upon beauty blogs in 2010, while looking for solutions to acne and hair fall (having been struggling with PCOS since 18). I was instantly captivated and as I started my first foray in skincare and makeup, I started documenting it all on a wordpress blog and later, a YouTube channeL. And so, corallista was born, on January 8, 2011.