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Does size REALLY matter?

Let’s talk about clothing and SIZES. I started putting on weight in my teens due to PCOD (undiagnosed at the time). I would usually wear an L or XL and many brands didn’t carry big enough sizes, so I did not buy ready-made clothes. Instead, I wore stitched salwar suits all the time till my late teens.

Once I lost weight, I started fitting into an M or an S, my jeans size was 28 and I FELT SO GOOD ABOUT MYSELF. I gained weight again in the next few years, with depression, PCOD, an abusive relationship, staying fit seemed an uphill task and frankly, not a priority.

not my highest priority.

Gaining weight again made me realise that we tie our self-esteem so much to the size of the clothing we wear. The fact is, most clothing sizes are ARBITRARY and vary from brand to brand. Does it seem wise to put our self-esteem in the hands of clothing manufacturers?

I still struggle with this though. Sometimes I need an XL in tops (like @zara) and sometimes I fit beautifully into an M (in @hm). And I’ve to remind myself that the size I wear does not determine my self-esteem and body confidence.

Maybe one of you needs to hear this today - clothing sizes are ARBITRARY. And we aren’t made to fit into clothes, clothes are made to fit US. Think about this the next time you worry about what size of jeans or top you’re fitting into or outgrowing. In order to truly love ourselves and feel comfortable and confident in what we wear, we need to forget about the number/letter on the label and wear what fits well and makes us feel good! ☺️💗

Has clothing sizes affected your confidenct?

How do you deal with it?

Look forward to your comments below!


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