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Finding Body Confidence at ANY size

“Body image can be described as a mental image of what we think we look like. Body image is not necessarily how we look, but how we think we look. It is dynamic. That is, body image is dependent on the situation or mood. Body image is developed over time, often through comparing yourself to media images and friends. Additionally, messages from peers, family members, and other significant people in our lives mould our body image.”

Holding yourself in high esteem, and knowing that you are worthy - regardless of how you look. Your purpose in this life is not to look and be perfect, your body is just a vehicle; kindness, strength, purpose, achievement, compassion - these things have nothing to do with how you look.

1. Deprogramming - Awareness that often our self-image is formed by how others perceive us - shift your focus, take control of your narrative. Don’t wait for someone else’s acceptance of your body to change how you see yourself. Also, a realization that a lot of what we consume in the media isn’t a genuine representation of real women, so stop comparing yourself.

2. Acceptance of your body - this is the only body you have in this lifetime. And it enables you to move, breathe, create, and grow. Now read that again, aloud, every morning.

3. Self-investment - Pay attention to your body, taking care of yourself - simple acts of self-care like using a nice scented body lotion after showering, wearing an outfit that makes you feel powerful and confident - can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to revamp your wardrobe and dressing style. Change your lifestyle - better eating habits, trying new activities - don’t do it to punish yourself, do things you enjoy (Self-motivated).

4. Focus on what you love about yourself, rather than the imperfections and ‘fixing’ them. Imperfections - perspective, a matter of trend and your body is not a trend.

5. Surround yourself with body-positive role models - people you follow on social media, the friends in your life, the people you interact with.

6. A change is how you physically carry yourself, signals your brain and people around you whether you are confident or not - stand up straighter, seems so simple but a change in posture and just reminding myself to carry my body better has helped me improve my confidence!

7. Change The Conversation - Give someone a compliment, if you are critical and unkind about other people’s bodies, you cannot expect other people to be kind and positive to you. I believe that the energy you put out into the universe is reciprocated, so make an effort to change how you look at and behave towards other people’s bodies. (+ social media)

8. Setting boundaries - teach others how to treat you. Goes beyond the body, but it's important as everyone has different personal boundaries.

What does body confidence mean to you?

Do you struggle with body acceptance?

Look forward to your comments below!


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