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Its OK to not be ok.

As someone who has struggled with depression through most of my adult life, I know how painful that loss of VITALITY feels, how hard it is to communicate to those around you how hollow and hopeless you feel every day.

To anyone else like me going through this, please don’t try to do it all alone. TAKE HELP, take support. This illness alienates you from people around you, but it’s very treatable. You are human, experiencing human things. Let’s normalise the conversation around mental health, that’s the only way we break the stigma, the shame around depression 💪🏽

Say the word, accept that you’re not ok, share your experience without guilt, you don’t know who you might help by talking about it. It certainly helped me when I did not have access to professional help, people sharing their depression stories have me HOPE, made me feel less alone. And that’s the biggest thing we need right now 🍃 Sending lots of love to everyone who is not ok and struggling right now ❤️Better times WILL come, do not give up!


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