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Meet the fur babies 🐶

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I adopted little Manny in late 2017 and it was an instant love connection when I first laid my eyes on this shaggy little fur baby. Manny is the calmest dog I've ever met though he does have his playful moments when he likes to run around the house. He loves cheese 🧀 chicken treats, and mummy's worn sock, and snoozing on nice ladies' laps! Since he's a rescue, I am not sure of his age. But the vet estimates he could be 7-9 years old.

Dora is my first fur baby 😍She's been with me since she was a wee little puppy! It's hard to imagine this gentle giant was ever tiny, but she was like a little fluffy baby bear when I first got her home. Dora is now 4-years old, she loves being around people, and her favourite activity is snoozing on the sofa!



Hey Ankita!Such a cute blog! I have been a follower of yours on youtube since forever and have just started my own blog recently..Would love if you could check it out :) I write on fashion,health and travel..


Really good to see how you (and the babies) have grown over the years. I follow you since your eye makeup tutorial days on youtube(I was really young then) and, I must say I am proud of what you have become, you are an inspiration and that is what gave me courage to start my own blog Much love! xx


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Its good to see that people are still adopting pets in this modern era. So happy to see that you adopted two pets and take care of him. I know the bond between humans and dogs is incredible because I also have a pet in my home and she is my better half. The pic speaks a thousand words and I can proudly say that you are the inspiration for others. Be happy always :)


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